Sandbags Help in the Aftermath of Wild Fires Which Create Flood & Erosion Risks

With all of the wild fires we have seen around the country this year and in the past, The potential of significant flooding and erosion become a valid concern.

Hillsides and slopes once covered by vegetation and trees are reduced to dirt and ash. When rain events happen on these denuded areas, there is nothing to help retain the water and slow down the flows resulting in the flooding of properties below as well as sediment entering streams, rivers and creeks.

In some places, the burning process can create a waxy coating on the soil, hindering the absorption of water and speeding its flow. This phenomenon is known as “hydrophobicity.” Water beads and runs over hydrophobic soil instead of soaking in, increasing the likelihood of flash floods and mudslides for months following wildfires.

With the use of sandbags and/or gravel bags, these flows can be reduced, diverted and controlled.

The SandMaster attachment was designed specifically for the quick filling and placing of sandbags. With its ability to fill, transport, securely close and place the bags, fast protection is provided without a large human workforce. No need to bring in hundreds of volunteers, which takes time and coordination.

Capable of creating and placing 4,800-6,200 sandbags in an 8 hour period with only 3 people, the SandMaster allows you to provide the needed protection in less time with less labor.

With the SandMaster, 3 people can do the work of fifty volunteers by creating and placing the bags at an amazing rate.

Don’t be left “holding the bag” when your home, business or community is threatened. Let the SandMaster do the work for you in a fraction of the time providing the safety, security and piece of mind we all want when our families and homes are in danger.


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Create more sand bags for less.

SandMaster is the solution for 21st Century Flood Control.

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