In their own words, our customers talk about their experience with the SandMaster sandbagging system.

Seward Marine Corporation

The SandMaster 20 Unit we purchased from Barrier Systems LLC has performed so much better than we expected. Where before we would need a 6-man crew and days of labor to fill and load sandbags for a job, we now do with a crew of two and we can fill what is needed in a day. We originally were going to sell the unit after the job is completed, but the job supervisor said we would be foolish to do so. This machine is what you are looking for if you don’t have one already.


William A. Spallina
Seaward Marine Corporation

Radtke Service LLC

After filling sandbags by hand for years I decided to look at better ways to fill sandbags. We used to do it manually since we didn’t have thousands to fill but one project needed a lot of sandbags. A quick google search brought me to your website where I watched a video on how your equipment worked and was sold right there. You sent an estimate back very quickly and we received it timely, and my crew put it to work right away and loved it. It was an excellent purchase Thanks!

Giles Radtke
Owner, Radtke Service LLC

City of West Alton, MO

The City of West Alton had a SandMaster 20 donated to us in April of 2019. It went to work immediately. We averaged 20 bags every 3 minutes for most of the day. The unit works great. We dropped the bags directly in a couple of single axle dump trucks that took them out to the levee. The good thing here was that we had 4 people working the machine and had excellent production. We figure that the 4 people were doing the work of 10 to 12 people manually loading bags with a lot less manual labor.

The machine was so effective that when the water started falling, we decided to purchase a second machine. Our timing was very close because the Mississippi came right back at us. We filled about 12,000 bags in 2 days. We like that the machine is well built and simple to operate. It has very few moving parts so that makes it a dependable and reliable unit. In the end we did not beat the river this time, but because of the efforts of the volunteers, the citizens had a few more days to get their belongings out of their homes. The SandMaster’s were a big part of that. We hope to never have to use them again, but if we do, we know they will provide that same level of performance and reliability they did this year.

Willie Richter
Mayor, West Alton, MO

Sustainable Community Coalition

Sustainable Community Coalition was looking for a way to help decrease labor and increase efficiency when it came to filling sandbags. We are building a sustainable community with earthbag houses, retaining walls, and manmade streams for outdoor aquaponics applications. The Sand Master was the perfect solution for us! When you have 36,000 sandbags to fill, doing it with a shovel would take years. With this machine, all the bags come out the same every time, which makes building and stacking them much easier. We will now be able to complete the building of our community much faster than we first anticipated and this machine has paid for itself many times over by cutting labor costs. I would highly recommend this machine for anyone that needs to fill lots of bags fast!

Lee Ann Heath
Founder of Sustainable Community Coalition

Tri State Cut Stone and Brick Co. & Smokie Valley Material Supply Chicago Market

We were in the market to replace a, single bag at a time, hopper fed, material bagging machine. The old machine was tired, rusted, and beyond its useful life. After looking at multiple options, and not wanting to dedicate a permanent footprint in a climate protected area of our business, we chose the SandMaster, Sandbagging System. We’ve had the machine for 6 months, bagged almost 7000 bags of sand and are extremely happy. We took an unprofitable item and turned it into a profit center with the help of the SandMaster. We bag once every 2 -3 weeks, and with a crew of 4 high school students, a skid steer operator, and manger, we are can produce 24 pallets, 60 bags per pallet, palletized, shrunk wrapped, and ready for flatbed delivery in 5 hours. Total 1440 finished bags.

Gary Murino Jr.

Total Erosion Control, Inc.

We purchased the SandMaster Sandbagging System a couple of years ago and this has been one of the best investments our company has made. We are now able to bag more sand in one day than we could bag in one week before purchasing the SandMaster!  As a business owner, this is so important because it saves us a lot of time and money in labor costs.  Therefore, this system has easily paid for itself since our purchase.

Additionally, Jeff at Barrier Systems LLC is always great to work with!  He is helpful, responsive and he always ships us anything we need quickly so that there are no delays of work.  We couldn’t be happier with our purchase of the SandMaster Sandbagging System!


Lauren Shook
Total Erosion Control, Inc.

Jeny Sod & Nursery Services

We are very pleased with the SandMaster machine, it has cut our man power hours in half and our customers are very pleased with the new bags. We highly recommend it to any other garden center.

Victor Rodriguez
Jeny Sod & Nursery Services, Miami, Florida

Carbon County Road Department

I would like to take some time and thank Jeff and his team. We just purchased this machine this year, what a time saver this has been for us!

We use to have 20 men and countless hrs. filling sandbags plus many volunteers. Now we fill sandbags with 4 men including the operator of our skid steer. No more back braking labor, less man power and triple the number of sandbags per hour.

My crew can service the taxpayers quickly and more efficient than I have ever thought possible. We have had so many compliments on how fast we have filled the bags, and how nice they are to handle.

Thank you very much,

Daniel Campbell
Supervisor, Carbon County Road Department
Price, Utah

Massachusetts Port Authority

Having the ability to attach the SandMaster to our front end loader and safely fill a multitude of bags in a few minutes is a dramatic increase to our productivity. We can reduce our sandbag work force and concentrate on other assignments prior to a forecasted storm. The SandMaster has allowed our heavy equipment to take on the brunt of the work. The SandMaster attachment has made light work of filling sand bags. I would highly recommend the SandMaster attachment to any entity that needs to provide a large quantity of sand bags in a short amount of time.

Paul Brean
Manager Airside/Landside/Fleet Maintenance
Logan Airport
Massachusetts Port Authority

J.S.A. Sandbags

We are so happy that we found your sandbagging system online. It has been the best thing that has happen to our corporation, now that we are able to produce 6,000 bag on a daily basis. It has helped us grow and provide a higher quality of customer service. Being that it is a worry free and almost 100% maintenance free machine, it allowed us to concentrate on our work and not on break downs. Once again Jeff, it’s been phenomenal having The SandMaster.

Samuel Castro
J.S.A. Sandbags
Moorpark, CA

Martinez Bros. Contractors, LLC.

From the day we received the Sand Master, we couldn’t have made a better choice to produce sandbags. We are in our third year of producing sandbags for El Paso Water Utilities and have not had any mechanical problems with the machine. From when we received the machine we have produced over 185,000 bags in just 8 months.

Carlos Reyes
Project Manager
El Paso, Texas

Continental Trading & Hardware

The Sand Master is one of the best investments we have ever made! We were filling bags by hand for years. The Sand Master has enabled us to speed up the process tremendously. My employees love it and like that it’s very easy to use. It used to take us over an hour to load a pallet with 3 men. Now we do 3 pallets in that span with 2 men. It’s truly a no brainer & we are very satisfied. Very economical considering the turnaround & efficiency.

Pier Pimentel
Vice President
Continental Trading & Hardware
Newark, New Jersey

City of Alamogordo, NM

The City of Alamogordo usually makes up 100 to 300 sand bags a year for flood events. We have been doing them by hand for years at great labor expense. This year we had a little available money and something told me to look at purchasing some type of device to help with the filling process, and I am very glad I did. After looking on the internet at all of my options, including mainly hoppers with manual lever controls, to full blown automated machines, and getting pricing for most of these I determined that the SandMaster Bobcat attachment was the best option for our money.

I made a good choice. We purchased the machine and, with the help of Jeff Knutzen @ Barrier Systems LLC, and with limited assembly, which we chose to do ourselves, we we’re operational, and not a minute too soon. Our monsoon rains hit just after this purchase and we we’re inundated with sandbag request. The City chose to offer its residents sandbags free of charge due to the flooding. We got hit with some of the worst area flooding we have seen since I took over as Department Manager. By season end we filled close to 10,000 bags. Both my Street and Drainage Departments consist of a total of 12 persons. We could not have done it without the SandMaster. It works just like the Video shows. I couldn’t be happier.

You need to make sure that your sand is reasonably dry as wet sand does not flow well which is required with most any sand machine, and you have to use SandMaster bags as their tie strings are made stronger for the application, but is well worth the little added bag expense when you see how fast the filling process is. The extra bag cost is easily paid for in the labor savings. We would still be hand filling 10,000 bags if not for the SandMaster. I would recommend this machine to anyone with limited funding who needs to get a lot of sand bags filled quickly. You’ll be glad you did.

Robert Blanton
Infrastructure Maintenance Manager City of Alamogordo, NM

J. Fletcher Creamer Construction

We purchased the SandMaster attachment for a skid steer loader from Barrier Systems, LLC. approximately a year ago for a project that required 50,000 sand bags. We have found the SandMaster attachment to be ruggedly built and it has dramatically cut down on labor time and now allows us to create 100’s of bags per hour if needed. To date, we’ve had no breakdowns in the attachment and are continuing to use it.

The representatives from Barrier Systems were very helpful and knowledgeable of the equipment. In addition, we received follow up calls from Barrier Systems inquiring on their product and were interested in making sure we were satisfied. We would recommend this product for similar applications. “


Scott Donadio
Business Manager
J. Fletcher Creamer Const.

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