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Bucket brigade or fire hydrant?

High Volume Sandbag Deployment

In the wake of super storm Sandy, and as clean up continues, the dominant word prevention is on everyone’s mind. Permanent flood prevention is clearly tens if not hundreds of billions away, will take decades to complete, and in reality will most likely never happen.

In the foreseeable future, Disaster Management Personnel will be tasked to come up with rapid response solutions to impending flooding. As you all know, the difference between the agony and expense of devastation and the gratitude of preservation, is the quantity of sandbags in place. The solution is the proper deployment of the SandMaster system.

A fitting comparison between using the SandMaster system and current methods of creating and deploying sandbags would be the difference between the uses of a fire hydrant today as opposed to the bucket brigades of the 1800’s.

With current conventional methods, massive amounts of easily fatigued volunteers are required to fill, tie, and palletize the bags. Dump trucks, loaders, fork lifts and flat bed trucks are required just to get the sandbags ready to transport to the area of need. Many of these same things will also be needed at the other end to get the bags placed. It is a brutal, time consuming, and very expensive logistical nightmare, and that’s why we compare it to the "bucket brigade" of yesteryear.

The SandMaster attachment fits on most pieces of equipment you already own, and it fills, transports, securely closes, and places multiple sandbags at the area of need. Each unit is capable of creating and deploying 15,000-18,000 sandbags in a 24 hour period. If your local hospital needs 5,000 sandbags to be protected and you have 8 hours to do it, you simply dispatch the bags with 5 workers, 1 SandMaster, and the dump trucks of sand to its parking lot. If you know your community is going to need 500,000 sandbags, and you have 72 hours, you need 11 SandMasters working round the clock. The machine never gets tired, so the math is simple and the end result is mathematically predictable.

All this can be calculated long before disaster is eminent and all that is needed is to dispatch the proper quantity of SandMaster systems, sand, and their crews to pre-determined areas of need and prevention is now not just possible, it becomes probable. The more property that is protected will help to drastically reduce cleanup costs.

The SandMaster System is a very viable solution for all who use sandbags. The Armed Services, erosion control, shoreline protection, sediment basins, pipeline construction, and the oil and gas industries are but a few.

Best of all, the SandMaster does its job faster and far more economically than any other method out there.

Sandbag Filling Government Emergency Response
Sandbags for Stormwater Pond Lining
Barrier Protection by Troops
Sandbags for Pipeline Construction

Create more sandbags for less.

SandMaster is the solution for 21st Century Flood Control.

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