Sandbagging for 2015 Hurricane

Even though forecasters are predicting fewer storms than normal for the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season, that does not mean that it will be any less deadly or destructive than some of the Hurricane Seasons we have seen in the past.

As we saw with Hurricane Sandy in 2012, one storm directly caused 72 deaths and over $50 billion in damage in 24 states. Take a look at some of the devastating hurricanes over the last 30 years.

Being prepared before the hurricane makes landfall is key, and with the SandMaster sandbagging attachment, protection for homes, businesses and communities can be provided quickly without the typical large volunteer work force.

The SandMaster, with its capability of filling and placing 4,800 -6,200 sandbags in an 8 hour period, can efficiently and cost effectively provide the needed flood protection saving both lives and property.

Reduce labor, reduce response times and reduce damage and devastation by having the ability to fill and place sandbags at an amazing rate!

The difference between PRESERVATION & DEVASTATION  is the quantity of sandbags in place.

Hurricane Ike 2008
Hurricane Ike 2008
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Create more sand bags for less.

SandMaster is the solution for 21st Century Flood Control.

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