Efficient Sandbagging

When we hear “sandbagging operations” we think of mass volunteers with shovels filling, tying and placing the bags. This is no easy job and is a logistical nightmare coordinating volunteers, trucks, food, sanitation and everything else that is involved in a sandbagging operation.

Flood Sandbagging
You can can fill sandbags by hand

Now there is a system that makes sandbagging operations much easier drastically reducing the amount of volunteers while increasing the amount of sandbags.

The SandMaster Sandbagging System is the only sandbag system that fills, transports, securely closes and places the bags where they are needed. With the capability of producing 4,800- 6,200 sandbags in 8 hours with only 3 people, protection can be provided quickly without  the typical large human workforce.

SandMaster Models
Or fill bags like this

Whatever you are filling bags for or with, the SandMaster speeds up the process providing more bags in less time with fewer people ultimately saving both time and money.

Sandbag wall built with the SandMaster 20
Sandbag wall built with the SandMaster 20



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Create more sand bags for less.

SandMaster is the solution for 21st Century Flood Control.

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