With flooding in the forcast this spring, quickly filling sandbags may be the answer for protection

The last thing anyone wants to do is fill sandbags to protect their communities from rising flood waters. With the flood forecasts for this spring, sandbagging may be required but with the SandMaster, filling large quantities of sandbags can be done very quickly. With the capability of creating and placing  15,000-18,000 sandbags in a 24 hour period, the SandMaster may just be the difference between PRESERVATION and DEVASTATION.

There has already been a significant amount of flooding in the west this year and forecasts show that the flood risk will continue throughout the spring. Having the SandMaster ready and available will allow for quick response with less people. In many cases, the window of opportunity to provide the needed protection is very short so by being able to produce thousands of bags quickly may help to reduce the damage and destruction flood events can cause.

The pain, suffering and despair remains long after the flood waters recede and then there is the clean up and rebuilding process.

Preparation and planning are key to prevent such devastation, so consider the SandMaster as the fire extinguisher for emergency flood control.



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Create more sand bags for less.

SandMaster is the solution for 21st Century Flood Control.

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