The Financial Impact of Flooding Can be Reduced with the SandMaster

AL Gore’s Blog earlier this month talks about flooding costs and how “climate is the major driver”

With record temperatures across the country last spring and the drought this summer, flooding is the last thing on our minds. But as we saw with Hurricane Isaac not to long ago, how quickly these events can come upon us and how devastating they can be.

Flooding is the number 1 natural disaster resulting in the loss of life and costly property damage.  Being prepared to act is key to helping to minimize the damages.

The SandMaster whether in the hands of a municipality or private operator can help to protect lives and property when flood events threaten our communities.

Having The SandMaster ready and available will help to provide quick and efficient protection with far less manpower which can be the difference with such a time sensitive need.

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Create more sand bags for less.

SandMaster is the solution for 21st Century Flood Control.

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