Quick Sandbagging for Spring Flooding 2014

According to NOAA’s Spring Outlook for 2014, rivers in half of the continental USA are at minor or moderate risks of flooding this spring.

The SandMaster sandbagging attachment may be just what your community needs to provide the protection when a flood event threatens your area.

With the ability to fill, transport, securely close and place the bags where they are needed with a fraction of the workforce typically required for sandbagging operations, the SandMaster can provide that protection to minimize and reduce the damage and destruction flood events can cause.

Capable of creating and placing 4,800-6,200 sandbags in 8 hours with only 3 people!

Don’t wait until the last minute to get prepared, having the SandMaster ready and available will allow for the quick construction of temporary berms and dykes keeping those flood waters at bay.

No matter what you need sandbags for, flood control, erosion control, pipeline construction, spill containment or ballast, the SandMaster speeds up the process allowing you to create more bags in less time with less people.


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Create more sand bags for less.

SandMaster is the solution for 21st Century Flood Control.

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