Need Sandbags for Pipeline Development? The SandMaster is Ready and Available!

2012 Worldwide Pipeline Construction Report

With 118,623 miles of pipelines  planned or under construction, with 12,000-15,000 sandbags required per mile,  somewhere between 1.4 and 1.7 billion sandbags will be needed.

The SandMaster with its capability of creating 15,000-18,000 sandbags in a 24 hour period would be a great asset for those in the pipeline business.

It attaches to a piece of equipment you already own.

Create the bags on-site when you need them and where you need them!  No need to stockpile bags in one location just to have them transported to another.

Creating the bags yourself on-site will save both time and money. Create only what is needed and eliminate waste.

Most materials wet or dry can be used with the SandMaster allowing you to utilize materials available on-site in the event sand is unavailable.


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Create more sand bags for less.

SandMaster is the solution for 21st Century Flood Control.

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