FEMA Bailout for Flooding from Hurricane Sandy? Was Enough Done to Prepare?

It looks like FEMA is going to need some extra $ to pay for the flooding from Hurricane Sandy. Read More…..

Is this going to be the norm or are municipalities, communities and the government going to step up to the plate and start being more prepared for events such as these. We obviously cannot stop these storms from occurring, and with the increased frequency and devastation they cause, more needs to be done to protect homes, businesses and communities! These 100 year storms seem to be happening every year not just here at home but around the world.

Fleets of the SandMaster could help to minimize the cost and flood damage from events such as Hurricane Sandy and Isaac and many of the other severe weather events we have seen around the globe this year and in years past. The SandMaster is obviously not a permanent solution, but is a viable means of helping to reduce the amount of costly damage that we see from flooding year after year.

Superstorm Sandy Shoreline Devastation
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SandMaster is the solution for 21st Century Flood Control.

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