Recent Flooding in British Columbia Leads to Evacuation Orders

April 26, 2012

Heavy rains can cause flooding anytime and anywhere as you can see by the recent flooding in British Columbia. The SandMaster can fill and place sandbags very quickly helping to reduce the damage that can incur..

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Flood Control, Is Your Community Ready?

April 6, 2012

Although the flood forecasts for this spring are low, the risk of flooding is always there as you can see by the recent flooding in Missouri. Heavy rains can happen at any time resulting in devastating flood damage. Why not […]

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Flood risk increases slightly in Red River Valley after recent snow storms

March 2, 2012

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Severe Weather and Flooding in Australia Forces Thousands to Evacuate

March 1, 2012 Evacuated2012/feb/03/australia-flooding-video The SandMaster can help minimize this kind of devastation!

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Severe Weather Preparedness Week

February 24, 2012

What severe weather kills the most people? Flooding is the number one natural disaster resulting in loss of life and property damage in the USA with over 25 deaths and $5.2 billion in damage annually. (NOAA Economics) Are you prepared? […]

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SandMaster is the solution for 21st Century Flood Control.

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