The Most Efficient Sandbagging Method for the Military is with the SandMaster Attachment

The SandMaster, with its ability to fill, transport, securely close and place sandbags where they are required is the perfect solution for all of the sandbagging needs of the military.

Being able to build barriers and protective bunkers quickly will reduce the amount of time troops are in harms way while also reducing the personnel needed to perform these tasks.

The military also uses sandbags  as a temporary measure to protect civilian structures. With the SandMaster, more structures can be protected in less time with less people resulting in saving lives.

With the SandMasters ability to transport the bags after filling them, the operator of the machine can remain protected and less exposed to enemy fire.

Being able to utilize most materials wet or dry is also a huge advantage in the event clean sand is unavailable.

With the SandMasters capabilities of creating and placing 15,000-18,000 bags in a 24 hour period, sandbags can be produces very quickly and efficiently providing that much needed fortification in a fraction of the time with far less manpower.


Sandbagging for troop protection









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Create more sand bags for less.

SandMaster is the solution for 21st Century Flood Control.

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